The Bible

The Greek word Prasso means “to practice.”

The ministry of Prasso is to help men and women find hope and victory by encouraging them to repeatedly, continually and habitually practice The Bible in their daily lives.

We accomplish this through a twelve-week discipleship program.  The program includes a teaching time and homework lessons which provide you with a “toolbox full of tools” to carry throughout the day and throughout life.

Prasso is for Christians who are looking for a fresh start or need help in handling everyday life issues in a biblical way.  It is for those who are in bondage to life-dominating sins. It is for those who want to find intimacy with their Creator. It is also for those whose lives have been turned upside down by a bitter experience, a unhappy marriage, a wayward or defiant child, the death of a spouse, a serious physical challenge, childhood abuse, relationship problems, or financial problems. The list is endless.

Prasso also offers tools for those individuals who disciple others.  The Prasso program depends upon The Bible, exalts The Bible and believes that The Bible has the final right answer to life’s issues.

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We answer many common questions on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

You can also view our ministry brochure (PDF), in digital format.