Since its inception, Prasso has been used to teach, equip and minister to hundreds of men, women and teenagers. Now in it's 21st year, Prasso continues to help Christians find hope and victory by teaching them to consistently practice the Bible in their daily lives.

Prasso began locally, in Greenville, SC, and continues to grow globally. Prasso is now in 11 states, 5 countries, and has been translated into 6 different languages. Prasso can be used for small and large groups, men and women's groups, discipleship classes, sermon series, counseling classes, bible study groups, marriage counseling, homeschooling, college students, youth groups, or simply one-on-one. Prasso is available in both, adult and youth, formats.


  • Testimonial 3

    We have been richly blessed by your Prasso materials.  I use it for our ladies weekly Bible study.  We went through the materials much slower than what was suggested—but the benefits were very rich and fruitfulness was the result. Two ladies in particular were able to dig out some very deep (Read More)