What is Teen Prasso for Students?

Teenage students are consumed with all types of media. Music, movies, and internet-driven entertainment options have surrounded them with an endless supply of distraction, deception, and dysfunction. This steady media diet is producing a generation with less time for reflective thought and little concern for truth.

Teen Prasso is designed to engage teenagers using a narrative about two boys, Brandon and Derek, and their journey of faith. These series of stories and lessons will challenge students with the truth of the Bible and will teach them how to apply truth in their everyday life.

This engaging study includes daily lessons that help students walk through the Bible and relate it to their own journey. There are 13 weekly teaching lessons designed to illustrate and strengthen the principles taught throughout the study. After each teaching session there is a weekly small group discussion that gives the student an opportunity to discuss, and wrestle with, the principles they are learning from the Bible.

These lessons will help students understand that starting out on the right path and staying on that path will lead their life in all the right directions, that the Bible is God’s Word and is the only standard that they should live by, that difficult circumstances in life are allowed by God for a purpose, and that they are in the process of training their own will and shaping their character.

The Teen Prasso program allows students to unplug from the culture and engage truth in a format that relates to them. Teen Prasso can be used for homeschool students, small group Bible studies, youth discipleship groups, youth counseling, youth retreats and conferences, or one-on-one mentoring.

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