Prasso has been such an encouragement to me in my life. I have taken the course before, many years ago, and the lessons were just as powerful now as they were then. Laura has a love for God and a love for others, and it shows in the work she has done to make these lessons so wonderful. Thank you to her for providing these, and for showing me that anyone can have a new beginning in Jesus.


We have been richly blessed by your Prasso materials. I use it for our ladies weekly Bible study. We went through the materials much slower than what was suggested—but the benefits were very rich and fruitfulness was the result. Two ladies in particular were able to dig out some very deep roots of bitterness in their life due to the grip of unforgiveness. Some of my ladies (who went through the course under my leadership) are now using their book in a one-on-one session discipling other ladies. The multiplication is very exciting to see. I’m also excited to hear that translation work is being done so that others can be reached in foreign countries.

I have found this course to be exceptionally helpful for women in crisis. It seems that my entire ministry is counseling women who have been abused in some form or another. Most of them are in the midst of a serious crisis. What a blessing to offer them hope, healing, and restoration through Christ.

J. and L., The Netherlands

I received my Prasso packet and read through it. It is interesting to me that there were areas of my life that, at the time I filled out the information sheet, I thought I had under control!! I am so glad that God used Prasso, as well as, your words of counsel and spiritual insight to show me otherwise.

I am now more quick to recognize where the Holy Spirit is pointing. However, I realize that becoming more sensitive to His conviction and quicker at responding to it, is a lifelong process. One that I want to yield to with all my being!

The biggest truth that I have gleaned from Prasso is this: I can, I must, trust God. No matter what is “flying” around me. That one truth so basic, so vital, has been holding me steady…some days minute-by-minute. What a difference it has made.

A few weeks ago I decided to re-work through my Prasso notebook. God is showing me even more this time around!

Robin, SC


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share how the Lord has used the Prasso study in my life and in the life of a young lady that I am currently mentoring!  We started working through the Prasso material together in February and we are presently working through week 10. We have taken our time going through the material so that she has time to take it all in and work on applying the material as we go along.

I wish I could sit down with you, face-to-face, and tell you the entire story of what God is doing in this young woman’s life and how this study seems to have been written just for her.  For example, the opening to lesson 10 could have been written by her – it is her story!

You have compiled this study with a discerning heart, full of understanding women and where they are when truly seeking to start over. That in itself has helped her to trust and encouraged her to be willing to listen and hear what you have to say. One night when she wanted to hide and run away (in her own bedroom, under her covers) she pulled out her study book and completed the page she was working on. It was all about trusting God and learning to run to God instead of hiding or running away. I could give you example after example of how the Word of God has calmed her and helped her “connect the dots”. Thank you for writing this study.  If you are ever in the Columbus, Ohio, area I’d love to meet you!

Director of Women’s Ministry, Ohio