Testimonial 3

We have been richly blessed by your Prasso materials. I use it for our ladies weekly Bible study. We went through the materials much slower than what was suggested—but the benefits were very rich and fruitfulness was the result. Two ladies in particular were able to dig out some very deep roots of bitterness in their life due to the grip of unforgiveness. Some of my ladies (who went through the course under my leadership) are now using their book in a one-on-one session discipling other ladies. The multiplication is very exciting to see. I’m also excited to hear that translation work is being done so that others can be reached in foreign countries.

I have found this course to be exceptionally helpful for women in crisis. It seems that my entire ministry is counseling women who have been abused in some form or another. Most of them are in the midst of a serious crisis. What a blessing to offer them hope, healing, and restoration through Christ.

J. and L., The Netherlands