Testimonial 2

I received my Prasso packet and read through it. It is interesting to me that there were areas of my life that, at the time I filled out the information sheet, I thought I had under control!! I am so glad that God used Prasso, as well as, your words of counsel and spiritual insight to show me otherwise.

I am now more quick to recognize where the Holy Spirit is pointing. However, I realize that becoming more sensitive to His conviction and quicker at responding to it, is a lifelong process. One that I want to yield to with all my being!

The biggest truth that I have gleaned from Prasso is this: I can, I must, trust God. No matter what is “flying” around me. That one truth so basic, so vital, has been holding me steady…some days minute-by-minute. What a difference it has made.

A few weeks ago I decided to re-work through my Prasso notebook. God is showing me even more this time around!

Robin, SC