All Through The Night


Imagine the Israelites, having just left Egypt where they had been in bondage for 430 years, now standing before what appeared to them to be an impenetrable problem…the Red Sea.  It was night.  They were no doubt tired and hungry from travel and now this!  They knew the Egyptians were coming after them and fear gripped their hearts…and it was night!  They complained to Moses accusing him of bringing them out in the wilderness to die.  Moses said to the people, “Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord…the Lord will fight for you…”

The Lord instructed Moses to tell the people to go forward.  He then told Moses to lift his staff and to stretch out his hand over the sea and the sea would divide.  The Bible says that when Moses did this that God sent a strong east wind all that night and the people walked through on dry land.  (Ex. 14:21)

God worked all that night for the benefit of His people.  You and I will face “Red Sea challenges” during our lifetime.  We need to heed the instructions that Moses gave to Israel…”Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord…the Lord will fight for you.”  The times of darkness, the times when our faith is challenged, the times of weeping are opportunities to feel God’s sweet presence and His faithfulness to His promises.  Isa.45:3 says, “God will send treasures in the darkness.”  I often feel that we fail to recognize God’s treasures until we go through times of disappointment, sorrow or heartache.

My husband, Buzz, went to be with the Lord on December 2, 2013. We were married 51 years and more in love than when we first married.  These are difficult days but I am seeing the treasures God promised in darkness…the love of friends and family…the provision of needs…the comfort of the Spirit…the reality that God’s promises never fail…the peace that His Word brings and the sweet assurance that, as He worked “all that night” for Israel, He will do the same for me.  I pray that you also will see God’s precious treasures as you face the “Red Sea challenges” in your life.

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