“The leadership of N.H.C.C. is very excited about Prasso! Many men and women have come face to face with God for the first time through this compassionate, biblical ministry.”

       Peter Hubbard pastors the North Hills Community Church in Greenville, SC. He has actively recommended and supported Prasso Ministries for 17 years.

“With confidence we refer women to Prasso ministries. Many of our clients facing crisis pregnancies need to experience the fullness of God’s healing concerning past hurts. Thank you for this powerful Bible Study.

            Lenna Neill is Executive Director of the Piedmont Women’s Center, Greenville, SC


“Prasso saved my marriage because it changed me.”

“I understand grace for the first time because of Prasso.”

“Prasso taught me of God’s unconditional love. I was never able to grasp it before.”

“I’ve never been to a Bible Study that taught me the Bible and helped me ‘down deep.'”

“Prasso helped me to see the importance of forgiveness.”

“I realized my need for Christ at Prasso. My small group prayed for me. They showed me God’s love.”

“Until I attended Prasso I did not realize the importance of thinking biblically.

“My family has seen God changing me through Prasso.”

“Understanding the truth about God’s grace has freed me from performance-based living.”

“I originally came to Prasso out of curiosty as well as a desire to help others. As I progressed into the classes, I discovered that there were issues I needed to address in my own life. My walk with God has been greatly enhanced by this class.”

“If you want God to be real in your life, see God work day by day, week by week, then take Prasso and see God’s grace unfold in your life.”

“Through Prasso God has given me back my peace and joy.”

“The Prasso lessons are amazing, they have helped me mentally, spiritually, as well as physically!”  I want to tell everybody about Prasso.”