Teen Prasso Teacher’s Manual


The Teen Prasso Teacher’s Manual includes instructions for Group Discussion Leaders. Each of the 13 Teaching Lessons has a Teaching Outline, as well as, “Teaching Tips” for each particular lesson being taught. There is a fictional story woven throughout the 13 lessons which illustrates the principles being taught in each lesson and helps capture and retain the interest of the student. The story makes the Bible principle being taught practical and memorable.




Lesson 1: The Right Beginning

Lesson 2: The Map

Lesson 3: The Bridge

Lesson 4: The Storm

Lesson 5: The Enemy

Lesson 6: Testimony

Lesson 7: The Two Opposing Fears

Lesson 8: Anger

Lesson 9: Forgiveness

Lesson 10: Pride

Lesson 11: Refocus

Lesson 12: To continually, habitually, and repeatedly practice God’s Word.

Lesson 13: Prasso – Eternal Eyeglasses

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