The Class

Prasso class participants attend twelve consecutive classes each lasting approximately three hours. There are separate men and women’s classes.

Click here to view a brief video sample of the class content for Women.

The class opens with the Prasso teacher speaking on the weekly subject which includes:

• A New Beginning

• Obedience to the Mind of God

• The Fear of Man

• The Fear of the Lord

• The Joy of Surrender

• The Bitter Heart

• Forgiveness, Part I

• Forgiveness, Part II

• Eternal Perspective!

• Changing Sinful Thought Patterns

• Humility – a Servant’s Heart

• Grace – the Gift of Rest

The teaching time is followed by a short break. The class then divides into small discussion groups where opportunity is given to discuss the assigned homework from the previous week. Written homework is given weekly. This is a vital part of the Prasso program. Each homework lesson is divided into six one-day segments, each segment taking about twenty minutes to complete.

Group Leaders are assigned to each small group to provide discipleship and accountability.