The Hydrangea And The Gardener

Because of the warmer than usual weather I decided to do some yard work.  I love hydrangeas and have several in my yard.   One in particular blooms beautifully in the spring but the blooms, because they get too much direct sun, turn brown shortly after they blossom.  This has happened three years in a row.  Now, if you enjoy gardening and growing flowers, you know you must do something to change this discouraging situation.

I have a place in my yard that gets morning sun but afternoon shade…so with my husband’s help we dug a very deep hole, put in compost and potting soil to make a perfect environment for the hydrangea.

We then proceeded to dig up the hydrangea.  The roots were deep and resisted our efforts but we pressed on.  Finally the hydrangea relented and out it came.  Success!  We placed it in the prepared hole and covered it with more potting soil.  It practically smiled at us!  Will I have blooms in the spring that don’t turn brown?  Time will tell.

I’m not an expert gardener, I just enjoy watching things grow.  Sometimes I make mistakes, like putting the hydrangea in direct sun, which resulted in wilted blossoms. But, it made me think today how thankful I am for the Master Gardener.  He planned the “garden of my life” before the world was made, before my parents ever thought about having me.  He knew the “soil” I needed to grow into the person He wanted me to be.   Sometimes he saw “weeds” that needed uprooting and I resisted His efforts but He didn’t give up.  He allowed some “storms” to blow against me to see if my spiritual roots were well grounded in Him.  Sometimes I made plans without asking Him and through circumstances of His choosing He would “prune” my plan and change my heart.  Jesus enjoys watching us “His flowers” grow.  Through 62 years He has kept His eye on me, guiding and sometimes “weeding” as necessary.

Friend, do you know the Master Gardener?  He wants you to know Him.  Only Jesus can make the “garden of your life” a thing of beauty.

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