Prasso 6-DVD Set (DVD’s only, English)


You will receive 6 DVD’s in a protective vinyl holder. Each DVD contains two, 50-minute lessons taught by Laura Baker. The DVD’s allow you to work through the Prasso materials for yourself. These can be used as a stand-alone item or you can order the Prasso Homework Manual to add depth to your studies. If you are wanting to use the DVD’s in a class situation you can add the Leaders Guide as well.




Lesson 1: A New Beginning

Lesson 2: Obedience to the Mind of God

Lesson 3: The Fear of Man

Lesson 4: The Fear of the Lord

Lesson 5: The Joy of Surrender

Lesson 6: The Bitter Heart

Lesson 7: Forgiveness, the Key to Freedom, part I

Lesson 8: Forgiveness, the Key to Freedom, part II

Lesson 9: Eternal Perspective

Lesson 10: Changing Sinful Thought Patterns

Lesson 11: Humility/Pride

Lesson 12: Grace, The Gift of Rest

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