Prasso Homework Manual


This manual contains the homework lessons that are used to re-emphasize and support the teaching material within the DVD’s. It can also be used as a stand-alone resource without the DVD’s.



Lesson 1:Abba Father

Lesson 2: Getting to Know God

Lesson 3: More About Your Heavenly Father

Lesson 4: Relief: Truth or Consequences

Lesson 5: Freedom from Anger

Lesson 6: Forgiveness: The Jewel Most Precious, Part I

Lesson 7: Forgiveness: The Jewel Most Precious, Part II

Lesson 8: Beyond the Tears!

Lesson 9: Changing Sinful Thought Patterns

Lesson 10: Humility: The Key to Holiness

Lesson 11: Grace: The Gift of “Rest”

Lesson 12: From Ashes to Beauty


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