How does Prasso differ from other Bible studies?

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Prasso was not designed to learn more about the Bible or a particular book of the Bible. It was written to help individuals take inventory of their lives using the Bible as the yardstick of measurement. One individual said, “I have gone to many different Bible studies but this is the first one that has helped me down deep.”


Is Prasso only for people with BIG problems?

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No! Prasso is for all who truly desire a Christ-centered life. The most common statement coming from the men and women who attend is, I know all about God, but I don’t know God. If your desire is to truly know God, to have intimacy and satisfaction in God Prasso can help you.


What is the Structure of the class?

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The class meets one time a week (a.m. or p.m. according to your preference), and continues for thirteen weeks.

The class meets for three hours. The first hour and fifteen minutes the class listens to the teaching lesson plus works on scripture memory.

(The class memorizes Romans 8:1-15 over the course of the thirteen weeks.) The class then takes a fifteen minute break for refreshments which the ladies sign up for and bring and then they divide up into small groups (6-8 in a group) to discuss the Discussion Questions at the back of the homework lesson done that week.

The discussion time is approximately one and one-half hours depending upon when it begins.

What does Prasso mean?

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Prasso is a Greek word meaning “to practice.” The Prasso class endeavors to teach men and women “to practice” the Word of God in their lives on a daily basis. Many who have attended tell us that they know the right answers but they do not know how to practice it in their lives. Prasso gives those who attend a tool-box full of tools to teach them how to practice true Christianity in their lives.